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Show your support for zero deaths on Taranaki roads this Summer. Change your facebook banner to one of the What are you missing banners for the week and start a conversation.

From 2004 to 2014 there were 119 fatalities and 653 serious injuries on Taranaki roads. No matter if you're walking, riding, jogging or driving we all have a responsibility for our own safety and of those around us on Taranaki roads.

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Our approach
This campaign aims to encourage people when driving to engage more with their road environment, what are they missing on the road. It takes into consideration issues of environmental factors such as sun strike and dusk encouraging people to look a bit harder, expect to see someone out jogging on the rural road, children waiting for the school bus, someone waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing and be prepared to alter your driving behavior.
The second aim of this campaign is to encourage our walkers, riders, joggers to consider how they interact with the road environment. To consider what they are wearing how visible really are they, are they making good decisions. Would someone driving see them?

This campaign is not about laying blame, rather wanting people to acknowledge that people do make mistakes and sometimes these can have devastating consequences, don't miss anything on the road.

Key messages
Look twice, when you quickly scan the road your brain only picks up what it is expecting to see, take a second look.
- Look and think ahead when driving, if you're about to come into some sun strike, or a section of shading you may not see the child waiting to cross at the pedestrian crossing, the cyclist heading up the hill into the light.
- Be comfortable in bright colours when out walking and riding it could be the difference in being seen or not.
- Share the road, show courtesy and respect to all road users.
- People make mistakes, even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else's.
- People can be unpredictable, slow down.
- Never assume you have been seen. Make good decisions when crossing the road.

Be seen:     
Greater Wellington have done some great research into what are the best bike lights on the market for price, and rating reflective clothing. You can read more here.
You can buy reflective clothing from a number of stores in Taranaki including: Athletes Foot, Bike Barn, Cycle Inn, Frontrunner, Kathmandu, Rebel Sport, The Warehouse, Stitchworx and Stirling Sports.

Look twice:
There has been some great research completed in the UK around how much information a person can pick up at a glance, look twice like a fighter pilot.

Rural Campaign:

Click to download our rural flyer.

School Campaign:

Activity Sheets: Colouring in l Wordfinds l Spot the Difference
Parents information flyer

If you schools is interested in using the What are you missing? school resources please contact us, we can provide you with giveaways (highlighters, fridge magnets and flashing badges for school bags), printed copies of the activity sheets and the parents flyer.

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Who is involved?
What are you missing is a collaborative campaign between New Plymouth District Council, New Plymouth Police, Roadsafe Taranaki and New Plymouth Injury Safe and proudly supported by Shell Todd Oil Services.

How can you get involved?
Download and post our banners to your facebook page.
Put up our posters at your workplaces, schools and in your community. You can request them from the public health unit's resource coordinator.
Start up a conversation at morning tea, with your coffee group or with friends and family around the importance of these messages.

For any further information on the campaign don't hesitate in contacting: Liz Beck, Let's Go Team, New Plymouth District Council. 06 759 6060, beckl@npdc.govt.nz.