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Can you Be Seen when out and about?

10 April 2017

With daylight savings ended it is a perfect time to think about what you're wearing when you are out walking, riding or jogging in the darker hours.

The What are you missing campaign highlights the importance of being seen when out in our roading environment. The campaign is a collaborative between New Plymouth District Council, Roadsafe Taranaki, New Plymouth Police, New Plymouth Injury Safe and proudly supported by Shell Todd Oil Services.

Key messages:

  1. Be comfortable in bright colours when out walking and riding it could be the difference in being seen or not.
  2. Never assume you have been seen.
  3. Look twice, when you quickly scan the road your brain only picks up what it is expecting to see, take a second look.
  4. Look and think ahead when driving, if you're about to come into some sunstrike, or a section of shading you may not see the child waiting to cross at the pedestrian crossing, the cyclist heading up the hill into the light.

Keep your eye out for our Be Seen checkpoints - we'll be out rewarding active travellers and exercisers with chocolate, or providing reflective armbands, back pack covers and lights to help get the message out.

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