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What is Let's Go?

Let’s Go is all about getting people in New Plymouth district to choose walking, riding or taking the bus over using cars for short trips.Two people sitting on seat on walkway.

It all began in June 2010 when New Plymouth District Council was one of two Councils (the other was Hastings) awarded a combined $7 million over two years to develop walking and cycling initiatives to encourage people out of their cars and onto our shared pathways and streetscapes. We branded our project "Let's Go”.

For the nitty gritty on how it all came about go to the Council’s website.

What's involved?

Let’s Go encompasses both infrastructure changes, such as pathway upgrades, as well as attempts at changing people’s attitude and behaviour through things like cyclist skills training, travel planning, events and competitions.

Let's Go, the first three years

Read the Let's Go story to discover how we've tackled the project so far, our successes to date and plans for the future. The story was written in February 2013.

Let's Go Story (20 pages 17MB PDF)

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