Let's Go Community Logged Since January 2012




  • Coronation Avenue outside Highlands Intermediate Urban Cycleway project is complete. With improved facilities for walkers, cyclists and bussers.
  • A minor improvement project was completed outside Woodleigh School along Brois Street, providing a shared footpath and improved crossing points for all users.
  • Devon Road Pathway is now complete, providing off road access between Bell Block and The Valley Shopping Centre.
  • Three bike repair stations have been installed along the Coastal Walkway, and near the Bus Station to help those requiring a bit of maintenance on their ride.


  • Let's Go Cyclist Skills Training has been delivered to 1,254 children this year, 11,130 children since we started deliver.
  • Let's Go Scooter Skills has been delivered to 1,589 children, over 13,700 since we started the programme in 2012.
  • Let's Get Going Pre School cyclist skills programme has beed delivered to over 450 this year.
  • To improve safety in Fitzroy the pedestrian crossing was shifted east from Paynters Avenue, making the crossing more visible to all our walkers.
  • Cook Street in Marfell received some minor improvements to make it easier for children to walk and ride to Marfell Community School and access their recently upgraded playground.  
  • Installed a crossing point outside Manukorihi Intermediate on North Road  
  • We helped West End School build a bike track www.bikeon,.org.nz
  • Accessway signage has been installed at all street to street acessways, providing information on length, grade and information on where you are heading to.


  • BDO Cyclist Skills Training has been delivered to 1,270 children this year, 9,100 children since we started in 2010.
  • Let's Go Scooter Skills has been delivered to 1,858 children, over 11,000 since we started the programme in 2012.
  • The Mangati upgrade was completed providing a great quality off road link between Parklands Avenue and the Coastal Walkway.
  • Installed a Kea Crossing on Paynters Avenue to support St John Bosco students park and walk to school safely.
  • Assisted Highlands Intermediate in securing funding to build a new bike shed.
  • Produced a road safety school resource to support our Share the Road messaging.
  • Septembers Fresh Air Challenge saw over 74,000 sustainable KM's travelled: fuel savings of $15,000, and the equivalent of 1,125 cars off our roading network every day!
  • Lower Carrington Street had a walking and cycling makeover, with new cycle lanes and crossing points making it safer for all.
  • Our annual Be Seen campaign saw us handing out wrist bands, lights and chocolates to over 200 people.
  • The Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter was launched, a collaborative between the three Taranaki Councils, Police and Shell Todd - its goal is zero fatalities on Taranaki roads.


  • BDO Cyclist Skills Training has been delivered to 1,472 children.
  • We received funding from Lion Foundation to support the delivery of Scooter Skills.
  • South Road received an upgrade for walking and cycling from Manadon Street through to Belair Avenue.
  • Puketapu, West End, Moturoa and Merrilands Schools received minor safety improvements on Dillon Drive, Bonithon Avenue, Breakwater Road and Kauri & Karaka Streets.
  • Vogeltown School received funding from NZCT and built a bike shed.
  • Septembers Fresh Air Challenge saw over 89,000 sustainable KM's travelled: fuel savings of $18,067, and the equivalent of 913 cars off our roading network every day.
  • Carrington Street pedestrian crossing was shifted north of Hori Street to improve safety and visibility.
  • We ran our first Be Seen campaigns as part of What are you Missing?.
  • RIDE Summertime Rolls was once again well supported, with a couple of unique new events.
  • Bell Street received a street makeover, making it a much friendlier place to walk and ride.


  • On average 69 per cent of children travel via active modes to school (based on data from 15 schools).
  • Scooter skills have been delivered to 1982 children.
  • Developed a scooter skills toolkit and video sessions for anyone to pick up and deliver the program.
  • BDO Cyclist skills have had 1178 children participate.
  • Let's Get Going has launched it's toolkit for delivering Young Children Cyclist Skills Training.
  • Three new variable speed signs have gone to Frankley, Inglewood and St Pius X schools.
  • Two new crossing points are being built in Bell Block on Nugent and Murray Street.
  • Fitzroy School's Barriball Street has had a minor safety upgrade, with improved crossing facilities and a narrower entrance to encourage those driving through the school environment to adjust their speed.
  • The Coastal Walkway has had a 1.7km extension, now heading out to Tiromoana Crescent, Bell Block.
  • The Upper Huatoki Walkway upgrade has improved access from Huatoki and Parsons Street onto the walkway and into the CBD.
  • Let's Go were recognised for their leadership in sustainable transport winning the 2014 Trafinz Award.
  • Let's Go were recipients of the national Golden Foot awards for the best walking promotion project - School Travel Planning and for the best walking facility - the Streets Projects.
  • Launched a new road safety campaign: What are you missing? In collaboration with New Plymouth Police, Roadsafe Taranaki, New Plymouth injury Safe and Shell Todd Oil Services.
  • Began a new school incentive program: Trips for Ramps which has had 15 schools participate and see active travel increase at these schools.
  • Oakura School years 7 & 8 students wrote persuasive letters to the New Zealand Transport Agency and managed to secure a speed limit reduction on State Highway 45 outside their school! With the speed dropping from 70 to 50.
  • A new initiative in New Plymouth saw 6 metre strips of red paint placed on Govett Ave, and new signage advising all drivers to SLOW DOWN around Frankleigh Park Kindergarten.
  • Get Going grew! Our online health and wellness challenge saw 22 workplaces and 900 people participate, get healthier and log over 60,000kms!
  • RIDE Summertime Rolls had a life of it's own. With 15 community ride and roll events across New Plymouth there was something for everyone.



  • SCOOTERLICIOUS - The World's largest Kick Scooter Parade was held, and Guinness World Record was awarded for a total of 489 people on scooters along the Coastal Walkway.
  • An underpass on Te Henui Walkway has been constructed getting people across Cumberland much safer.
  • Coronation Avenue has undergone a major makeover wirh new cycle lanes, shared pathway, islands at pedestrian crossings and more!
  • Two bridges have been constructed on Te Henui Walkway, making walking and cycling even easier!
  • A bicycle traffic signal has been installed at the intersection of Liardet Street and the Coastal Walkway.
  • Schools, even through winter, are showing a dramatic increase in active travel with 64 per cent of children walking, riding and scootering to school an 82 per cent increase from when work began. (The survey was across ten schools currently travel planning with Let's Go.)
  • BDO Cyclist Skill Training has been delivered to 930 students.
  • Scooter Skills training has been delivered to 2571 students.
  • RIDE Summertime Rolls was a great success in its first year featuring over 15 community events suitable for all types of riders.
  • Four successful Street Jams were run, where people took over their streets from cars for an afternoon, and had MADD scooter fun.
  • Delivered the first Big Bike Fix Up out at Inglewood. Five big bike fix-ups have been completed (central New Plymouth, Marfell and Waitara) with 590 bikes repaired in total. 
  • Get Going, an online workplace competition was launched in March. A total of 16 workplaces and over 500 people participated and 50,400km were logged.


  • The Waiwhakaiho, Mangaotuku and Huatoki Walkway Upgrades were completed.Picnicers at Waiwhakahio Walkway opening.
  • Cycle skills training delivered to over 1,700 students.
  • Let's Go worked with 22 schools, four kindergartens and 16 businesses and community groups to assist them with travel planning.
  • 2,250 children participated in the new scooter skills training programme that was developed in July 2012.
  • RIDE Summertime Rolls has taken over from the Wild West Bike Fest as a full summer of riding events encompassing all modes of self propelled wheels.
  • Two signalised crossings have been installed on Devon Street West opposite Devon Intermediate and on Powerham Street opposite the court.
  • Four new crossing points have been constructed on Tukapa Street, Mangorei Road, Frankley Road and Devon Street West.
  • A 30km zone is in place in New Plymouth's CBD.
  • A bike pod in the CBD provided free secure and undercover storage for 10 bikes. 
  • Lower Brougham Street is New Plymouth's first shared space.
  • Barriers have been widened on 20 accessways making them more accessible for all users. 
  • Pendarves Street between Liardet and Gover streets and Davies Lane have both undergone a resident led street makeover, to make these people first streets.
  • Over 25 events have been run which includes Wild West Bike Fest, Walk to Work and Bike to Work promotions.
  • A project to tell the stories of Te Henui and create a guided walk resource has been completed with Te Reo O Taranaki and has resulted in further funding from other sources for further research and interpretation signage.
  • NPDC and Sport New Zealand have jointly funded a programme of pre-schooler cycle and safety skills training to be delivered by Sport Taranaki, called Let's Get Going, 1250 pre-schoolers have so far participated.


  • The Mangati Walkway upgrade were completed.   
  • Cycle skills training has been completed with over 1,700 students.  
  • Let’s Go is working with 24 schools, four kindergartens and 19 businesses and community groups to assist them with travel planning (approximately 15,000 people in total). 
  • The Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) and Living Streets Aotearoa (LSA) have given the Council the Joint Walking and Cycling Award for the Let’s Go – Walk Ride Bus programme.
  • Living Streets Aotearoa (LSA) has awarded the Council the Best Walking Facility Award for the Coastal Walkway extension to Bell Block, including Te Rewa Rewa Bridge.
  • Eight kilometres of roads in New Plymouth now have green cycle lane markings.
  • Barriers have been widened on 13 accessways making them more accessible for all users. 
  • A pedestrian crossing phase has been added to the Devon/Smart roads intersection.
  • Over 25 events have been run which includes Wild West Bike Fest, Mayoral Challenge (which New Plymouth District won), Walk to Work and Bike to Work promotions. 
  • NPDC and Sport New Zealand have jointly funded a programme of pre-schooler cycle and safety skills training to be delivered by Sport Taranaki, called Let's Get Going.