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Neighbourhood led street projects

Watch out for the next installment of Let's Go Street Projects 2018. We are using the opportunity of routine maintenance on footpaths on both Pioneer Road and Kauri Street to deliver a Neighbourhood Led street project. Engagement with these local communities will begin in October and November 2018.

Let's Go Street Jam

Street jams encourage people to take ownership of their street,
get outside and have fun! In collaboration with MADD and
community development advocates we have A crowd of people at a street party. run four street jams this summer. Twelve applications for a street jam were received from all across the district, the quality and passion behind the applications was so good that we decided to run four events instead of the two that were initially advertised. Bronte Place and Adventure Place (the first two MADD street Jam winners) enjoyed buckets of sunshine last weekend and heaps of local scooter and skate riders mixing it up with NZ team riders over the ramps and rails. The following Weekend it was the turn of Ward Place and Long Place who showed us just how MADD they are.

Let's Go Street Project

Some of us were lucky to grow up in a time when it was possible to play with friends on the street where we lived. When we could play games on the street, bike on the road and footpath, and all the neighbours knew each other.

The Let's Go Street Project is about putting people first in a street design and redevelopment of a New Plymouth District residential street for people first, then cars second.

Let's Go Street Project Scrapbook application.


In 2012 Davies Lane and Pendarves Street were redeveloped. Hear West End school children ask the designers some questions on their cool new street (Davies Lane) here!

In 2015 the Bell Street makeover was completed... who will be next?