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School Travel Planning

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What is a travel plan?

A travel plan looks at how to reduce the number of vehicles coming into a location by utilising walking, cycling, skating, scooting, bussing and ride sharing. It is not anti car but is about how to encourage people to look at their car use and choose healthier cheaper alternatives when available. By working in partnership with schools, we aim to bring about changes in attitude and travel behaviour that support healthy and positive lifestyle choices amongst students, parents and school staff.

Who is travel planning?

The following schools are currently travel planning with Let's Go:
Welbourn, Vogeltown, West End, St Josephs New Plymouth, Bell Block, Puketapu, Frankley, Central, Devon Intermediate, Oakura, St John Bosco, New Plymouth Boys High, Sacred Heart, St PiusX,  Fitzroy, Woodleigh, Te Pipi'ianga Kakano Mai Kura o Rangiatea, Francis Douglas High, New Plymouth Girls High, Waitara East, Merrilands School, Inglewood Primary, Waitara Central, Moturoa, Egmont Village, Highlands Intermediate, Manukorihi Intermediate, Lepperton, Norfolk and Spotswood Primary.

What are the benefits of a travel plan?

  • Cost savings for parents and teachers.
  • Improved safety and reduced car congestion near the school.
  • Improved air quality, energy saved and lower noise pollution.
  • Exercise before school improves readiness for learning.
  • Walking to school is social for kids and their parents.
  • Active travel to school promotes independence and self confidence.
  • Builds community (the school’s neighbours aren’t keen on all the traffic either!).
  • Click here to hear what our schools say.

What does your school need to do to have a travel plan?

  • A commitment to reduce the number of car journeys to and from the school.
  • Develop an active travel culture throughout the school.
  • Champions are needed to keep the momentum for change moving throughout the process.
  • Look at how your school can support its students to utilise other forms of transport such as walking, cycling, using the bus and ride sharing.
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What does a travel plan look like?

A travel plan will vary from school to school; there is no hard or fast rule. For some it will be a written document signed off by the board of trustees while for others it will be a statement of intent. It is important to note that a travel plan is an active process which will change over time and needs flexibility to be successful.

The key components to a successful travel plan are:

  • Commitment to reducing car usage, especially single occupancy vehicles.
  • Commitment to promoting the active alternatives to car use.
  • Leadership and ownership of the travel plan.
  • Tailored to meet the specific needs of the school.
  • Simple, clear, self managing and measurable objectives.

What support will the Let's Go team give?

  • A starter pack with tips and suggestions.
  • Support from the Let’s Go Team every step of the way.
  • Council expertise, such as engineering and geospatial mapping.
  • A free programme of BDO Cyclist Skills Training and scooter skills for primary schools.
  • Financial support for educational and encouragement initiatives.
  • Improved public infrastructure for safer/easier walking and cycling throughout the district.
  • Maps!

Download your school travel plan starter pack or email the Let's Go Travel Planner and start your school travel plan today!

School travel plan (Eight page 607KB PDF)

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