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Skills Training

Let's Go delivers cyclist skills training in pre-schools, schools and at workplaces on request.Let's Get Going logo.

Let's Get Going: This is our young children's cyclist skills programme designed with Sport Taranaki and funded by Sport New Zealand. Let's Get Going gives young children the opportunity to learn, develop and practise fundamental skills of cycling in order to gain the skills, information and motivation to progress towards riding a bike independently.
For more information on Let's Get Going contact Joelle Xavier at Sport Taranaki. Or download the Let's Get Going toolkit here or the Te Reo Maori version.

The Let's Get Going Story.

Cyclist Skills Training - Schools: Cyclist skills training is often seen as a 'right of passage' for our children. Let's Go provides the NZTA cyclist skills programme to any Primary School within the New Plymouth District. The skills offered are aimed at Year five - Year eight.Children taking prt in the BDO cycle skills training. Grade one is completed in the school environment, where children are taught key skills such as the power start, life saver look, signalling, manoeuvring and all round observation. Grade two is completed on road, where children will be given the opportunity to put the skills learnt in grade one into practise. To learn more about the Cyclist Skills Training Programme either contact Joelle Xavier at Sport Taranaki or the Let's Go team.

Scooter Skills Training - Schools
: Let's Go provides scooter skills training at primary schools throughout the District available from Year zero to year four. The aim of this programme is to boost children's confidence and skill to ride scooters in their neighbourhoods, to school or anywhere. The session is one and a half hours, with half of the session delivered in the school grounds, and the other half on the neighbouring streets.

Download our scooter session toolkit developed for teachers, parents or motivated individuals to run their own scooter sessions with small groups. It is split into three sections, to learn more about our scooter skills programme view these following you tube clips.
1. Scooter sessions intro.
2. Share the path
3. Share the fun

To learn more about the Scooter Skills Training Programme, contact   Joelle Xavier at Sport Taranaki or contact the  Let's Go team.

Cyclist Skills Training - Workplaces: Any organisation can request to have cyclist skills training delivered at their workplace. The programme is designed to give riders more knowledge on how to maintain their bikes, greater confidence on riding in traffic and for some a brush up the road rules for cyclists. Contact the Let's Go team for further information.